Do you want to be married at the Saratoga Chapel?

We would love to help you as you prepare to celebrate your wedding!  As a Christian church we believe that marriage is one of the great and precious gifts that God has given for our welfare and happiness. We also believe that sexuality is a great and precious gift that God has established to express the joy and commitment of the marriage relationship. Therefore there are several requirements we ask people to meet in order to be married at the Saratoga Chapel:

  • The Bride and Groom complete our premarital counseling classes.
  • The Bride and Groom individually confess a personal faith in and commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • The Bride and Groom are abstaining from physical intimacy.
  • The Bride and Groom are not living together.

If you are willing to fulfill these requirements, please contact us at (518) 363-0006